Fantasy – Rape Me, My Friend

Rape fantasies seem generally common amongst women and especially common in BDSM. I think the key to a rape fantasy is finding the balance between the act of creating a believable rape scene and providing a level of safety for the people acting in the scene. I don’t think any woman truly wants to be raped, nor any man who enters into this fantasy charged with rape. (Yes, it could be two women or two men, but you get the idea).

I generally see the rape fantasy as an extension and more violent version of the anonymous sex fantasy that I’ve already done a few times.

To take things in a completely different direction my fantasy doesn’t just include fulfilling it for myself, but finding a way – social networking could help – to facilitate it as a safe fantasy for others.


I can’t remember the name of the movie, but the plot involved a fraternity of sorts (maybe a high class law firm) that traded social access to a list of sexual seekers – male and female – these people would put their names on a list and be available on call to each other for hookups… in the movie something inevitably goes wrong, there is a murder or someone is exposed and drama ensues.

The idea is similar. Provide a space where participants can register for this fantasy. ‘Victims’ would fill out a profile: photo, physical stats, general location, and desires (male, female, group – any hard limits – i.e. no water sports). ‘Aggressors’ would also fill out a profile: photo, physical stats, general location and desires.

The catch is that they wouldn’t have access to contact information beyond the profile. Staff (or administrators) would match the profiles and have access to personal information (i.e. real names, addresses and phone numbers).

When a ‘victim’ is ready to proceed a matched ‘aggressor’ would be notified. The ‘victim’ would need to give the space of a few days with specific locations they could be ‘caught’. Initially an administrator would go, ‘catch’ the ‘victim’ and confirm in person they are ready for this to happen. Within the specified time period the ‘aggressor’ would then be given the victims description, an administrator would accompany the ‘aggressor’ to one of the pre-arranged locations (at a safe distance) to confirm the identity of the ‘victim’ and the ‘aggressor’ can take it from there.


Essentially it takes the rape fantasy to as close to real as I think it can get. The ‘victim’ knows it is going to happen, and has given permission for it to happen, but does not know exactly when or where. The ‘aggressor’ knows the ‘victim’ has signed up, has assurances of a visual confirmation from an administrator so that they cannot be accused of pursuing the wrong person.

The ‘victim’ should be taken by surprise. The ‘aggressor’ should get the shock and ‘push back’ from the ‘victim’ they are looking for.


This of course puts an enormous amount of control in the hand of the administrators. The need for legal backing and financing likely outweighs the plausibility of this idea.


Given a set location (i.e. a private venue) it could work. “Victims” arrive first and are given some sort of head start (in my head this is a large venue) an then “Aggressors” are limited by the site and can “catch” victims. This does eliminate the more personal pairing, and guaranteeing limits is more difficult… maybe there are referees like in fetish clubs.


Likely much too complicated short of finding rich millionaire willing to fund and provide venue.


~ by girlontheside on October 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Fantasy – Rape Me, My Friend”

  1. Yeah, cool idea. Reminds me of the movie with Michael Douglas called The Game.

    Perhaps a victim just needs to find someone they trust that will then in turn give this victims info to another of their friends. The victim will be raped by someone they don’t know, but their friend that they do know will have “groomed” the aggressor with the victims hard limits etc beforehand. The victim needs to trust the person obviously, and the aggressor needs to know he won’t have the cops after him later on! Kinda scary though….:-)

    • Did some searching on YouTube and figured out the movie I was thinking about was called Deception and was released in 2008. Doesn’t look like it was rated too highly, but the trailer gives the basic idea.

      I think it would work best with the scenario you suggest above, the trouble is always finding that trusted middle person.

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