Fantasy – Tie Me Up, Please!

One of the sexiest elements of BDSM – to me – is the bondage element. First there is the simple beauty of what can be done with flesh and rope. Then there is the very real sensation of being restrained and at someone else’s mercy.

True bondage will of course require trust. But I am happy to play with Velcro or clip on cuffs to begin with.

I like this as a summer outdoors fantasy. It involves this fictional park where no other person ever goes… so it may be best for me to switch the fantasy indoors.

Indoor bondage fantasies would be great using a four poster bed, or to be a bit more modern a large board room table. The intricate bondings are something I would try with an experienced Dom/me, including suspension. But to start, the simple bonding of tying me up spread-eagle so that I cannot close my legs or bring down my arms… my body is completely exposed to what you want to do to it.

Blindfolds heighten the fantasy as do gags.

I have tried this fantasy a few times but with limited success. The trust was not there, and the tying was done with that in mind so that I could escape should I want to. I’d like to establish a trusting relationship so that I trust you to tie me up so that I can’t escape and give you free reign of my body.


~ by girlontheside on January 12, 2010.

5 Responses to “Fantasy – Tie Me Up, Please!”

  1. i love bondage! though i havent experienced a lot of it personally, i’ve seen it done a lot and i love images of bondage. it is definitely some of the hottest things i’ve ever seen!

  2. You are right to be weary about bondage. It is very easy to bind an area too tight in the heat of fun and cause serious damage, with one even knowing it. It does take a while to get used to the ropes as most people don’t realize how exhausting being tied is. I like to explain it the same way as getting a tattoo. You are just sitting there getting one done, but it’s an assault on the body, you start sweating without doing anything. Same with being tied, you are actually exerting lots of energy even though you aren’t really doing anything. Takes some time to adjust to. The of course you have a pervert like me doing terrible things to you while you are bound!

  3. I recall a time with a dom/me where they bound my wrists and I slipped right out of it. I didn’t mean to cause them any sort of dismay or embarrassment, but if you’re going to tie me it better be done well.
    If I can escape there’s no point.
    I’ve been toying with the idea of binding someone to a foot stool, thighs tied to the legs of the stool, a rope around the torso and binding all the way around the stool and the wrists firmly bound to the other set of legs. A good set up for anal, beatings and other fondling. Too bad it covers the nipples.
    That can be solved by a reverse on that tie. A bit more uncomfy, I fear. Poor submissive.

  4. I need a girl to tie up and gag her.I’ve been looking for one for a long time.

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